Inpatient Drug Rehab St Louis

How Do I Pay For Inpatient Drug Rehab St Louis

Inpatient drug rehab St Louis is considered an expensive treatment option for addicts. It raises an obvious question, ‘How do I pay for it?’ This is likely to change your treatment options and even affect the duration it takes for the addict to recover.

The cost of treatment largely depends on the level of care needed. Because of the intensity of residential care, you can expect to pay higher fees. The option of outpatient care might not provide the support required to guarantee full and sustained recovery. Whether you have health insurance or not, you have enough options to ensure that you get the best possible treatment.

Using Insurance

A significant number of private health insurance plans cover portions of treatment for substance abuse. There are others that offer comprehensive cover. You need to know the details of the cover provided by your insurer. You may call them directly or check their websites to see details of health issues covered.

If you are not in a position to call or inquire directly, the center will make the call on your behalf. They first check whether the insurer is their network of providers. They also check the items covered during the treatment program. The number of days you will be covered will also be scrutinized.

Affordable Health Care Act

This act prohibits insurers from penalizing applicants for pre-existing conditions. This allows a person battling with addiction to make an application and have it approved. Addictions and mental health disorders fall into the list of ten conditions where essential healthcare must be provided. It is the plan you select that will determine the level of coverage. The coverage goes between 60 and 90% of the cost incurred in treatment centers.

Medicare or Mediaid

These are state sponsored health programs for people of special categories. They take care of the cost of rehab as long as you meet their basic requirements. For medicaid, the requirements include being 65 years and above or under 19 years of age, being a parent or pregnant and within a specified income bracket. Medicare requirements guarantee cover for persons over 65 years of age and the disabled.

Private Financing

The cost of rehabilitation is inarguably high. Nature of facility, length of treatment and extent of addiction escalate the cost. For an uninsured person, this will be a huge burden. Contact the admission office to see whether you can get a scholarship. There are other treatment plans organized by the centers alongside financial lenders. They enable you to pay later or through installments.

Crowd Funding And Fundraising

This is where family members and friends pull resources together to support your rehabilitation. The funds may be deposited directed to the facility to avoid accountability questions. There also are crowd funding sites through which money can be raised.

Since inpatient drug rehab St Louis is considered to be the best option, financing should not drive you to settle for less. Talk to us to assist you find a workable financing plan for your rehabilitation goals.